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A 59 fast pace seconds of stage acting; a very partial list of plays, in NYC.

"Broken City: Wall Street" by Peca Stefan
"Láyel" by Joselo Arroyo
"Santa Bárbara is a Femme Fatale" by Camila Monclova & Mariana Monclova
"Tic Tac Toe the3some" by Joselo Arroyo
"Masks Off" by Joselo Arroyo
"Cock' by Mike Bartlett

REEL (1min.)

Reel includes scenes from Esther (Lin Que Ayoung, dir.), Madre Maria (Kristen Garris, dir.), Mad Dogs (Amazon), Release (Adel Morales, dir.), Foreign Nationals (Louis J. Guerra, dir.; Joel Quiñones, Michele De Maria, prod.), Nowhere (Lin Que Ayoung, dir.), Radio Score (Naola Greaves, dir.), Main Street (Magnolia Pictures), (Benicio Del Toro, prod.), Medardo (Ecuador/Holland prod.)

In English with subtitles in Spanish / in Spanish with subtitles in English

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