STAGE: "Oh De Sea!"  Directed by Tamilla Woodard. The Internationalists, NY. Character: Penelope. Photo by Sarita Fellows.


This experience feels so wonderful that I HAVE to share it.  I went to a SAG-AFTRA screening of "Les Miserábles" in NY on January 8, 2013... Icing on the cake, there was a Q&A with the director, Tom Hooper and the actors, Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne. When the Q&A started I told to a friend that was there with me that I was not going to talk

(I get too nervous about that kind of stuff)... But as they were talking... my heart started beating faster... my mouth was getting dry...

I had to say what I was thinking... I got the mic and said something sort of like this: "It is a comment.  As an actress I have the bad habit of going to see a play or a movie as an actress. Today I was an audience member and I enjoyed this amazing movie.  I want to thank you.  

I couldn't miss the opportunity to thank you.  How often do you have the director and the actors in front of you of a movie that moved you and the chance to tell them thank you? While I was watching it I remembered why I'm doing this.  I'm sleeping on a bunk bed, but I'm doing this because I was born to do this, it can't be any other way..." (I probably said something more but I can't remember).

Anne Hathaway stood up and went all the way to where I was in the theater and gave me this hug (the one in the photo), a long powerful hug.  She asked me my name and when she went back to talk to the audience of fellow actors she said something about me that I can't recall now.  (This picture was taken from someone in the audience that went to me at the end of the event, asked for my phone number and sent it to me.)

As I said, this experience feels wonderful and I needed to share it.  I WAS BORN TO BE AN ACTRESS; AND I CERTAINLY AM... 


I can sing, I'm not a singer per-se, but I can certainly carry a tune very well and harmonize; my vocal range is soprano. I love to work out, it's relaxing. I'm a mean ping pong player. 

I learned how to do aerial acrobalance on a lyra for a play.  The director told me at the first rehearsal to start getting stronger physically and to get over any fear of heights. "I have no fear of heights, I'm afraid of falling, that is", I replied.  When I first started learning I felt I was going to pass out, I got so dizzy!  My instructor, Sara Gregory, was wonderful with me, she taught me to do THIS on stage...



I'm a Film, TV, Stage, New Media and Voice Over actress and Theatre Producer living Puerto Rico after 10 years living and working in New York City. I have a BA in Theatre from the University of Puerto Rico and an MA in Arts Administration from Turabo University in Puerto Rico. I speak English (fluent) and Spanish (native speaker and can do various Hispanic accents). I'm a SAG-AFTRA member; also a Spanish interpreter and translator, and writing editor.

I love dancing and I'm good at it - I'm not a professional dancer, but I have my moves and I can follow a choreography. I can dance Salsa, Merengue, Club/Freestyle, Hip Hop... Once, in a road trip, I was dancing with my friends and a guy started a dance-off with me... Let's say, him, me and everybody around witnessed a pre-tty-good-performance. 


SAG-AFTRA  ~ Bilingual ACTRESS. Se habla español.  #ActingIsMyThing